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Data Frame, a high-tech consulting company, helps businesses to develop custom data-driven solutions and automate the corresponding business processes.

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What We Do?
  • Risk management system

    We implement our partners’ solutions to help manage credit risk more effectively, ensuring strict compliance with regulatory requirements and increasing overall productivity.

    Risk management system
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  • Stress testing

    We implement solutions from leading vendors to enable complex stress testing throughout your enterprise. These allow you to run P&L models on a single platform, specialised scenarios for what-if analysis of the model’s risk sensitivity, and capital planning analysis.

    Stress testing
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  • Text analytics

    A set of tools that helps resolve common issues when working with unstructured information. It allows you automatically collect, organise and analyse text data using linguistic rules, statistical methods and machine learning processes.

    Text analytics
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  • Financial Analytics

    Our consultants can implement solutions that enable you to bring financial statements up to international standards, automate budgeting, operational and strategic planning processes, and calculate fair value using functional cost analysis.

    Financial Analytics
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  • Data Governance

    Companies are learning that corporate data is becoming a major asset and a source of new business opportunities. Our high-quality and efficient data asset management services attract successful companies from around the world.

    Data Governance
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  • Building Data Warehouses

    The virtual warehouse collects, processes and analyses large amounts of data, speeding up database searches. A good data warehouse can support a large number of users even if they access it simultaneously. It also allows data analysis of the different scales and the generation of templates or custom reports. And all of this is reliable, convenient and safe.

    Building Data Warehouses
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  • Customer Analytics and Marketing Automation

    Leverage more sophisticated analytics, such as those powered by machine learning, to gain insights from data, better understand customer preferences, and increase marketing ROI. Effectively identify, track, serve, and retain customers, no matter how many devices they use. Management of marketing programmes at all stages.

    Customer Analytics and Marketing Automation
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  • Fraud Prevention

    Leading vendor solutions feature hybrid tracking technology that combines advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, supervised (or unsupervised) machine learning, and traditional detection methods to identify suspicious events effectively

    Fraud Prevention
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  • Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that utilizes software robots to automate business processes. A robot is not prone to human error and can work at any time of the day or night at a speed significantly faster than a human. By using robots, it is possible to relieve humans of routine activities so that they can focus on intellectual and managerial tasks. Using RPA technology increases the accuracy and productivity of operations, improves the user experience and increases the speed and accuracy of data acquisition.

    Robotic Process Automation
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Why Data Frame?
Data Frame aims to help businesses all over the world to grow, improve performance, enhance operational processes, and surpass the competition.
  • Cost and quality benefits

    The primary benefits you get when working with Data Frame are fair, reasonable service costs coupled with exceptional product quality. In spite of tight margins on the IT market, we are always open to discussions on price without sacrificing quality.

  • Customer-centred ethos

    We offer process flexibility and are happy to tailor our Engagement Model to suit your project deadlines and business needs. When working on projects, we commit to solving your business challenges by making product quality a top priority, while sticking to your schedules and budget.

  • Communication on your terms

    We’re on a mission to make sure our development and management processes are as simple and intuitive as possible. We take up your questions, issues and ideas with prompt explanations, friendly discussion and clear decision-making. We’re always on hand for calls and can tailor our working hours to your time zone.

  • Professionalism and reliability

    We take on projects requiring the latest technology knowledge and experience. At every project stage, we make sure we complete tasks efficiently by taking responsibility and bringing all our knowledge, creativity, and skills to the table.


  • Migrating SAS MIS to Teradata's high performance MPP platform

    For a leading telco
  • Implementing an automated cost allocation system based on SAS Activity-Based Management

    For a major bank
  • Implementing an operational risk management system (ORMS) based on SAS OpRisk Management

    For a major bank
  • Optimising an income guarantee system based on SAS Revenue Assurance solution

    For a leading telco
  • Solution for automation of predictive models DUAB (CBM Model Factory)

    For a leading telco
  • Improvements to the income guarantee system based on the SAS Revenue Assurance solution

    For a leading telco
  • Building a system for calculating remuneration for technical partners for the Mobile TV service

    For a leading telco
  • Building a remuneration calculation system for satellite TV services’ commercial representatives

    For a leading telco
  • Implementing a cost allocation system and developing reporting on allocation results

    For a major bank
  • Expanding SAS TIS RA functional areas to a fixed business area

    For a leading telco
  • Management Information System for IntecConnect (MIS IC) for a fixed network segment

    For a leading telco
  • Evolving the SAS Marketing Automation Solution

    For a leading telco
  • Expanding SAS TIS RA functional areas to a fixed business area

    For a leading telco
  • Developing an SAS Revenue Assurance System in the InterConnect segment

    For a leading telco
  • Migrating SAS storage to a scalable architecture

    For a major bank
  • Implementing an MIS based on SAS Banking Intelligence Solution

    For a major bank
Who We Are?

We’re a professional team
with more than 10 years’ IT experience

  • More than 30 specialists with 5 to 10 years’ experience in implementing analytical solutions.
  • Technical expertise in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data.
  • Experience in the latest IT tools from leading vendors including SAS, Teradata, BluePrism, Informatica, Cloudera and Qlik, as well as open-source products.